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Energy supply

GIZMOre/cGIS platform provides the possibility to aggregate for the complex analysis purposes various stand-alone systems widespread in energy supply such as CIS, WMS, SCADA, OMS, EA, MWM, and ERP through the built-in integration interfaces for each type.

GIZMOre/cGIS platform completely complies with all existing international standards giving a simple way to be implemented to any IT landscape available on the client-side.

GIZMOre/cGIS platform can be used either as an out-of-box software and as a Java component opening the opportunity for any team to customize the platform and develop the custom applications rapidly with no special pieces of training.

Energy Supply Common Information Space

Energy Supply Common Information Space

GIZMOre/cGIS platform aggregates in real-time mode all the information resources both structured and non-structured needed for decision-making support. Since the spatial data are included as well all the spatial queries including i.e. optimal routing are available. 

GIZMOre/cGIS platform is equipped with numerous ready-to-use integration services arranging not only attribute data warehouses (i.e. ERP) but energy management systems as well, establishing the link between GIS objects, single line diagram components, and ERP.

GIZMOre/cGIS platform deals with modern information buses and web services empowering the access of any single existing IT system to the common information space.

So GIZMOre/cGIS platform enables real-time monitoring for any events and processes such as:

  • Mobile workforce vehicles management
  • Single employees location management
  • Energy consumption control
  • Weather conditions monitoring
Wide Scope Of Tasks To Solve

Wide Scope Of Tasks To Solve

GIZMOre/cGIS platform provides the possibility to use the common user interface for mapping data, energy supply system, and SCADA components.

OGC (Open GIS Consortium) standard is complete compliance by GIZMOre/cGIS platform, so any existing data source can be managed. 

Arranging all the energy system data from numerous IT systems cGIS platform makes it possible right in a web browser to use:

  • Analytical queries builder (attribute and spatial criteria enabled)
  • Optimal route creation
  • User-defined feature classes with no database administration
  • Spatial object editor (snap options and look-up tables enabled)
  • Thematic mapping
Big Data Support

Big Data Support

GIZMOre/cGIS platform supports Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning features (also known as Data Factory).

It allows performing data mining and analytics for structured and non-structured data.

Through the neural network training supported by GIZMOre/cGIS it’s possible to:

  • It allows performing data mining and analytics for structured and non-structured data.
  • IoT real-time analysis
  • Energy consumption prediction
  • Predictive analytical models for decision making support
3D / BIM

3D / BIM

GIZMOre/cGIS platform supports 2D and 3D modes operating with LIDAR models (terrain and construction objects).

GIZMOre/cGIS common information space seamlessly includes BIM models as well despite the tools used to create the BIM model.

All the 2D, 3D, and BIM data aggregation dramatically increase decision making support quality through:

  • Complete energy supply system set components data management and display
  • Energy supply system lifecycle management
  • Every device description in IoT, single line diagram and BIM
BI Support

BI Support

GIZMOre/cGIS platform provides the possibility to integrate the common information space with any BI system available on the client-side.

BI showcases and dashboards based on spatial and non-spatial data aggregated through the GIZMOre/cGIS platform essentially simplify the decision-making process.

Data cubes include rapidly changing IoT and Location Intelligence data along with other data types aggregated through GIZMOre/cGIS platform and provide the possibility of:

  • Risks prediction
  • Energy supply system weak points and “bottlenecks”
  • Analytical research
  • Comprehensive enterprise monitoring
  • Energy consumption prediction
  • Equipment status prediction
  • Energy balance prediction
  • Issuance of recommendations based on information from technological and corporate management systems
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