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GIZMOre/cGIS has launched a cloud platform based on VK Cloud Solutions

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  • January 26, 2022
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GIZMOre/cGIS is launching a cloud version of its own platform based on VK Cloud Solutions. This will make the advanced technologies more accessible to organisations.

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GIZMOre/cGIS data aggregation platform (https://cgis.io/platform) is designed to create, visualise and analyse a common information space that includes data and documents from various information systems and available services, including GIS, ERP, CMS, BI, IoT. In addition, the GIZMOre/cGIS aggregation platform makes it possible to incorporate laser scanning data, digital elevation models and building information models (BIM models) into a common information space, solving the problems of building a digital twin of an area and supporting the development of complex management decisions.

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The main users interested in working with the territory common information space using the GIZMOre/cGIS platform are public sector, utilities companies in the field of energy and gas supply, development and management companies. The cloud version of the GIZMOre/cGIS data aggregation platform based on VK Cloud Solutions will minimize project deployment and development time for large customers and provide access to the technology of creating a common information space for small customers as well, bypassing the stage of creating their own technical infrastructure and IT specialists for its administration and maintenance.

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The GIZMOre/cGIS platform demos are now being launched at VK Cloud Solutions' facilities. A PostgreSQL as a Service DBMS is used to store and manage client data from disparate information systems. The cloud DBMS can be set up in a few minutes and is easily scalable as the volume of information handled grows.

In addition, the cloud makes it easy and fast to launch projects on the GIZMOre/cGIS platform. The cloud version of the service can be set up and up and running in a matter of hours. If the load and the amount of data processed in cGIS grows, it is possible to purchase additional computing capacity in the cloud as part of the tariff plan.

"Products that previously only large businesses with huge IT budgets could afford, thanks to VK Cloud Solutions are becoming available to customers of all levels. I am sure that cloud technologies will allow us to expand our customer base and take the management of territories of municipalities and regions of the Russian Federation to a whole new level," comments Alexander Stavitsky.

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"BIM modelling and information visualisation is an advanced technology that is in demand and useful in construction, manufacturing and design quality assurance. However, it requires processing huge amounts of data without sacrificing speed and quality. With the launch of the GIZMOre/cGIS data aggregation platform in the cloud, the company's customers will have access to innovative tools and will be able to process unlimited amounts of information seamlessly. All this without significant investment," comments Leonid Anikin, Director of Business Development at VK Digital Technologies.

VK Cloud Solutions (formerly Mail.ru Cloud Solutions) is a cloud-based business and development platform that offers convenient cloud infrastructure tools for companies of all sizes. VK Cloud Solutions is part of the VK digital solutions portfolio and is based on many years of experience in developing Internet services and open source technologies.

VK Cloud Solutions provides infrastructure and platform services, expert support, custom and private installations, and helps to migrate to the cloud. The company's clients include 1C, Bitrix, Invitro, Rosatom, X5 Group, Auchan, Philip Morris and other major players in their industries.

VK Cloud Solutions Tier III data centres are located in the Russian Federation and certified by FSTEC. The cloud platform is also included in the "Unified Register of Russian Computer Programs and Databases" of the Russian Ministry of Communications and is suitable for companies and organizations subject to import substitution policy.

cGIS TECHNOLOGIES (GIZMOre Europe) - is a company founded by professionals in the field of geospatial technology and data processing with joint experience since 1994. During this time, technologies, practices and tools have evolved to enable customers to move from paper and file archives, databases, and disparate information systems to a unified and comprehensible data marts.

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